This mornig we have signed the contract with the builder! So this means that in some days our new home will begin to take form! If everything is ok, next Monday, the 15th March, will be the D-Day, the day the scraper will invade my parents' garden and the bricklayers will start their works!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Finally the adventure REALLY begins!!!!!

What I can show you now is the project: I have spent a lot of time with my scanner to try to have a decent image to show!!! The houses' projects are unbelievebly BIG, so it was hard to put the right image on the scanner, in the correct way, hoping to get a result.

So, here we are:

RED: the new building.
YELLOW: part of my parents' house that will be renovating.

I have also indicated all the rooms, so that you can try to imagine how it will be!!


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