Flea Market Style Flea Market Style

As I want to go to a big Flea Market near where I live in a couple of weeks, I'm looking for inspirations and have found these pictures ...

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4:34 AM

News from my house News from my house

Yesterday we went to my parents to have lunch together and look at the work in progress of our new house . The foundations are done, now it&...

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12:00 AM

Anyone for a cup of tea? Anyone for a cup of tea?

A great passion of mine is TEA . I love tea: black, green, white and in any moment of the day! With a good cupa in my hand I instantly feel...

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2:12 PM

Gorgeous Lady - Gorgeous House! Gorgeous Lady - Gorgeous House!

I've started blogging one month and a half ago to keep a diary about the construction of my house and all the inspirations I find everyw...

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5:16 AM

English country cottages English country cottages

A couples of years ago I've lived for several months in UK, Devonshire to be exact. I was working from Monday to Friday and exploring t...

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6:09 AM

A nice on-line boutique A nice on-line boutique

I've found this really nice on line boutique, Ett hus i vitt . The owner is Annette, a sweet svedish lady who  also has a beautiful blog...

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6:16 AM